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last update: October 2023

our business name is: delta 98 den haag

we are : Mr. Jaap Eerland & Mrs. Marx Warmerdam

also on:

Blogger: delta 98 den haag, since 1990

Blogger: sold by delta 98 den haag

Blogger: zegelstempels - lakstempels met familiewapen / wax seals with coat of arms

Facebook as: delta 98 den haag as: delta 98 holland

Jaap Eerland


correspondation and contact address:

delta 98 den haag

van Leeuwenhoekstraat 62

2516 GH Den Haag / The Hague

The Netherlands, EU


telephonenumbers: 070 388 79 18 or 06 537 066 82

from abroad: 0031 70 388 79 18 or 0031 653 706 682





Chambers of Commerce in The Netherlands / Kamer van Koophandel Haaglanden, file 27133335

Tax / VAT / BTW NL001190378B30, at the Belastingdienst, The Netherlands

we are subject to the Dutch / NL / EU sales tax: Margin Scheme - BTW Margeregeling


return policy:

before buying an item one commits him- or herself to read our full return policy, when buying an item the buyer commits him- or herself and accepts the obligation to respect and act to our full return policy, see for our full return policy at the bottom of this page


buying & shipping:

- the buyer will have to pay in advance for the object and the shipping

- we accept Paypal, banktransfers and cash at pick-up or personal delivery

- for shippingcosts by PostNL to your country, please see below for the costs in euro's

- the euro/dollar exchange will be calculated on the day of the invoice, using a currency converter available on the internet


shipping and shipping costs for packages

October 2023 - Please note: Due to strong / unpredictable worldwide fluctuations on fuel, exchange rates, etc., we can not guarantee the prices, nor the countries we and the shipping provider want to, or can, ship to

- we will assist the buyer in worldwide shipping.

- at the moment we have delivered the package at a post office it is out of our hands.

- the buyer will be ordering standard (international) shipment provided by PostNL, from The Netherlands, EU and their network partners

- other courier shippings are possible, but much more expensive and only on request and pre payed

- if the buyer wants shipping by another provider, we will assist with providing our full address, info on messurement and weight, safe packing and we will be available for pick-up, but only after appointment

- PostNL shipments will be according the PostNL conditions and destinations

- only with registration

- tracking is offered by PostNL or their network partner, but sometimes not available or up-to-date

- recipient's signature for delivery is compulsory

- items sold out of the EU will be shipped under Incoterm DAP and a suitable HM-code

- insurance for loss during shipment, offered by PostNL of 100 or 500 euro, is not always possible

- if higher insurance is needed, up to 5500 euro object value, then the costs will be higher

- if PostNL does not offer insurance or tracking to your country, we will communicate with you about this, but it can be a reason to cancel the transaction

- PostNL can give an estimated delivery time, but delay can be caused by various reasons

- if a package seems lost, the sender will inform PostNL and PostNL will have to start an investigation, but only after 30 days, this investigation then can take circa another 8-12 weeks longer, the buyer will allow the time needed for PostNL to give the official outcome of the investigation, the buyer will accept the insurance payment refund will be after the outcome and insurance payment by PostNL

- PostNL maximum package size: 100x50x50 cm and <20kg

- shipping of large packages, > 100x50x50 cm and 20kg and higher, can not be shipped by PostNL, the seller will assist the buyer in their choice of provider / shippingcompany - please realize that the costs will be much higher and only after pre-payment

- the weight category is including packing materials

- combined shipments go per weight

- 1kg = 1000gram

- circa 3 euro is added for packing materials & handling costs

- we try to re-use packing materials, so you might find the materials used not being new - we ask the buyer kindly to re-use or re-cycle the plastic elements



RETURN POLICY, buying in the Netherlands

Please note: this is not a internet shop, this is a site to introduce a small part of our collection on sale.

If you have an interest in an item, you are very welcom to visit us after making an appointment, to be able to observe and hold the item as it is.

The seller is held to Dutch and EU commerce law concerning antiques, vintage and secondhand goods.

Before buying an item only through internet order from this seller, one commits him- or herself to read this sellers following return policy:


- the buyer should inform him- or herself of necesarry details of the object.

- when buying an item the buyer accepts the sellers return policy

- when buying an item, the buyer has the obligation and commits him- or herself to respect and act to the sellers return policy


If the buyer wants to sent the item bought back, the buyer has the obligation

- to inform the seller, within 3 days after receiving the item, in writing, about his or her intention to return the item bought

- to return the item within 7 days

- to pack the item as a solid and safe package, with care and responsibility

- to ship the item with registration and tracking (aangetekend)

- and if wanted for the buyers own protection, to ship with insurance (verzekerservice)

- to pay for the return shipment, and to pay for both shipments if the item is as descibed

- to accept that the seller will first have to receive the item returned, to able the seller to whether or not confirm, the item is the item sold and shipped to the buyer before the seller initiates a return payment or partial refund

- to forfeit buyers claims on a return payment or partial refund if the item returned is not the item sold or when the item has been damaged, altered or changed in any way, after being received by the buyer

- to claim damage caused during shipment from the shipping provider which delivered or attempted to deliver a package to the buyer

- to accept a delay in return payment or partial refund if the package is lost during shipment, to able the seller to start an official claim to the sellers shipping provider

- to await and accept the outcome of the sellers claim to the sellers shipping provider if the item is lost during shipment


















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