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for the Delta 98 Den Haag collection

of issues of the famous Dutch art journal


(The Netherlands, 1918-1932)

please see more below for circa 65 different issues available




art nouveau boekband,

titel: Boefje

DeLuxe editie, no. 33/100

gebonden in perkament, 1906

1906 de-luxe edition, bound in full vellum, titled


written by: M.J. Brusse - Marie / Marien / Rie Brusse (Dutch, 1873-1941)

published by: W.L. & J. Brusse, Rotterdam

cover design and illustrations by: Dirk Hidde Nijland (Dutch, 1881-1955)

100 numbered copies of this DeLuxe art nouveau / Jugendstil cover designed book,

with decoration in gilt on vellum were made.

It has the writers and designers handwritten signature and is numbered: No. 33

Introduction by Johan De Meester Sr. (1860-1931)

166 pages, 14 tipped-in lithogr. plates, vignettes and initials by Nijland,

each plate monogrammed in pen and ink by Nijland.

33 x 26,8 x 4 cm - price on request

Dutch art nouveau book cover,

title: Boefje,

by M. Brusse and D. Nijland

edition 1906, gilt vellum


Proza, Jac. van Looy

art nouveau book design by

Theo Nieuwenhuis



written by

Jac. van Looy / Jacobus van Looy (Dutch, 1855-1930)

with an early Dutch art nouveau cover design

from 1894, by

Theo / Theodorus Wilhelmus Nieuwenhuis (Dutch, 1866-1951)

good condition, stain on the front

2nd edition, incl. the story: Een Hengelaar

publisher: S.L. van Looy & H. Gerlings, 1894, Amsterdam

21,5 x 15 cm, hardcover, price: € 80,-



Proza door Jac. van Looy

art nouveau bandontwerp door

Theo Nieuwenhuis



De Vier Heemskinderen

art deco book design by

P.A.H. Hofman

from the series

De Elfenrij

Bibliotheek voor sage en sprook,

De Vier Heemskinderen

1922, re-written by Felix Timmermans

Heer Halewijn

written by Charles de Coster, translated in 1923 by Nico Rost

with Dutch art deco cover designs, by

P.A.H. Hofman (Dutch, 1886-1965)

publisher: J.M. Meulenhof, Amsterdam

15,5x11cm (red) and 16x11,5cm (black)

hardcover, price: € 25,- each


Heer Halewijn

art deco book design by

P.A.H. Hofman



Doodendans, door Styn Streuvels

band ontwerp 1899, door Jules de Praetere




by Stijn Streuvels (Belgium, 1871-1969)

a second edition, published in 1903 by L.J. Veen, Amsterdam

the rare blue colored issue of the 1899 art nouveau book design, by

Jules / Juul de Praetere (Belgium 1879 - 1947 Switzerland)

signed with monogram on the front

good condition - 21 x 17 cm - price: € 90,-


Dutch art nouveau book, 1899

cover design by Juul de Praetere



De Hovenier van Madame de Pompadour

band ontwerp 1925, door Chris Lebeau



De Hovenier van Madame de Pompadour

van Eugene Demolder, naverteld door A. Thiry,

published by Em. Querido Uitgever, Amsterdam, 1925

art deco book design by

Chris Lebeau (Dutch, 1878-1945)

signed with monogram on the back

good condition - 21,7 x 13,5 cm - price: € 90,-


Dutch art deco book, 1925

cover designs by Chris Lebeau


Die Nibelungen, een kinderboek, door

Franz Keim & Carl Otto Czeschka


Die Nibelungen

Dem Deutschen Volke Wiederzhalt

a children's book by Franz Keim (1840-1918)

Wiener Secession design and illustrations by

Carl Otto Czeschka (1878-1960)

the 1924 edition, published by Gerlach & Wieling, Vienna

good condition - 15 x 14 cm - price on request

Die Nibelungen, a children's book

by Franz Keim & Carl Otto Czeschka

Vogelvreugd, 1904

door Theo van Hoytema


Vogelvreugd, een prenteboek voor de lieve jeugd

a children's book with stone prints / lithography,

made and published by:

Theo van Hoytema (Dutch, 1863-1917)

- a famous Dutch art nouveau artist / designer-

a 1904 first edition, executed by Tresling & Co, Amsterdam

good condition - 19 x 19 cm - price: € 290,-

Dutch art nouveau book, 1904

Vogelvreugd, by T. v. Hoytema


Uit De Lage Landen By De Zee, door Albert Verwey

boekband ontwerp: H.P. Berlage, perkament met goud

1904, 200 exemplaren vervaardigd


poetry written upon the death of a close friend and dedicated to

Jan Eduard Karsten and Floris Verster:

Uit De Lage Landen By De Zee, by Albert Verwey

- Albert Verweij, Netherlands 1865-1937 -

art nouveau book cover design by

H.P. Berlage

- Hendrik Petrus Berlage, Netherlands 1856-1934 -

full vellum, title in gilt on front boards and spine, rough cut paper

limited edition of 200 copies only

published in 1904 by W. Versluys, Amsterdam

printed / executed in May 1904 by Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem

provenance: Bibliotheca J. C. Bloem

- Jacques Cornelis Bloem, Netherlands 1887-1966 -

25,5 x 20 cm - price on request

Dutch art nouveau book cover design, 1904

by H.P. Berlage, vellum with gold

Uit De Lage Landen By De Zee, by Albert Verwey

art nouveau boekband

P.C. Boutens, Stemmen

eerste druk, gebonden in perkament, 1907


rare, 1907 de-luxe first edition, bound in full vellum

Stemmen, by P.C. Boutens

Pieter Cornelis Boutens, The Netherlands 1870-1943

published by P.N. van Kampen & Zoon, Amsterdam

art nouveau / Jugendstil book cover design with floral decoration in gilt on vellum, probably after a design of Walter Tiemann (Germany 1876-1951), top edge gilt, small clipping portrait of P.C. Boutens tipped onto upper paste-down

and as the first edition should have: a printed portrait of P.C. Boutens, by Jan Toorop (Dutch, 1880-1910), signed in the drawing, on page 30 the word "donder" (not "donker"),

1907 owner's inscription in black ink on first free end-paper:

d. 3 m. Dec. a. MDCCCCVII - hunc librum - cum Candidatus Juris - renunciatus essem - mater mihi dedit

for December 3, 1907 -(and perhaps:) my mother gave me this book when I was renounced as candidate of law (please correct us when we are wrong with this translation)

eerste druk 1907, luxe editie, gebonden in perkament / vellum, met portret van P.C. Boutens door Jan Toorop, gesigneerd in de tekening: ‘J. Toorop 11/1905’, in facsimile gedrukt in zwart als frontispice, op pagina 30 het woord "donder" en niet zoals later "donker"

21,3 x 16,4 cm - price on request

Dutch art nouveau book cover design

Stemmen by P.C. Boutens,

first edition 1907, gilt vellum

Praeludiën, eerste druk 1902, perkament

P.C. Boutens


a rare, 1902 first edition,

arts & crafts / art nouveau design book

Praeludiën, verspreide gedichten

poems by P.C. Boutens

Pieter Cornelis Boutens, The Netherlands 1870-1943

cover design by: Herbert Granville Fell, England 1872-1952

printed by / gedrukt door Joh. Enschedé en Zonen in Haarlem, for Maison Blok, te 's Gravenhage 1902

full vellum, yapp edges; the 16th - 17th C. way of overlapping covers, spine and front blocked with gold decoration, top edge gilt, outside tie missing, red silk bookmark present but torned

Boutens might have requested the book design to be as the Lyrical Poems, of the English private press movement, edited by Ernest Rhys, published since 1894 by J.M. Dent & Co. London,

see here below for 5 books of that serie

15,5 x 10 x 1,5 cm - price on request

art & crafts book cover design

gold on vellum by Herbert Granville Fell

art nouveau gilt decorated vellum

The Lyrical Poems, edited by Ernst Rhys,

published by J.M. Dent, London,

Edmund Spenser, Sir Philip Sidney, Robert Herrick, Beaumont & Fletcher, Alfred Lord Tennyson


5 volumes of the series

The Lyrical Poems

edited by Ernest Rhys, published by J.M. Dent & Co., London

printed by Turnbull and Spears, Edinburgh and/or

art nouveau / arts & crafts cover design by Herbert Granville Fell

bound in limp vellum with yapp edges, gilt lettering on spines and front boards, top edges gilt, engraved fromtipiece with tissue gard, decorated red and black printed title page, red silk bookmark ribbon all present, outside evidence of red silk tie, but missing, rough cut pages, circa 15,5 x 10 cm / 6.1 x 3.9 inch

The Lyrical Poems of Edmund Spenser - 1894 - with on the title page elegant and small ink writing: Halley P. Johnston 1895

The Lyrical Poems of Sir Philip Sidney - 1895

The Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrick - 1896 - with in ink on the titlepage: Ruthwood / Ruttwood / Rutlewood House 1898

The Lyrical Poems of Beaumont & Fletcher - 1897

The Lyrical Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson - 1900

price on request

arts & crafts book cover design

by Herbert Granville Fell,

5 of the 14 volumes from the serie Lyric Poets,

limp vellum with yapp edges


De Kleine Johannes, 1898 edition

author: Frederik van Eeden

design: Edzard Willem Koning


a 1898 book with famous Dutch art nouveau cover design, title:

De Kleine Johannes

author: Frederik Willem van Eeden (Dutch, 1860-1932)

printed by: Mouton & Co 's Gravenhage

cover design & illustrations by: Edzard Willem Koning (Dutch, 1869-1954)

hardcover binding half vellum with gold stamp decor of stylised insects and flowers and green cloth, illustrated title, fine headpieces, decorated endpapers and handmade paper by: Van Gelder Zonen, Holland 9 fine lithograph plates on Japanes paper, 190 pages inside the cover is a old tag of a bookseller: M.M. Couvee, Lange Poten, La Haye (=The Hague), the tag shows it was a so called Hofleverancier = purveyor to the Royal Household of The Netherlands, on the blanc page is an ink written name of a

former owner: Jo van Eeden

size: 25,2 x 20 x 2,5 cm, condition: firm, no restoration, vellum and gilding very nice, some spots and scratches to the green cloth, endpapers partial discolored

price on request

Dutch art nouveau book cover design

by Edzard Willem Koning, 1898 edition

provenance: Jo van Eeden

Faust I & II, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

design by: F.H. Ehmcke,

1910 Monumentalausgabe


a Jugendstil / art nouveau book design, title:

FAUST Eine Tragodie Erster Teil und Zweiter Teil

author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

published 1910 by: Eugen Diederichs, Jena, Germany

design by: Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke (Prussia / Poland 1878 - 1965 Germany)

hardcover binding, vellum with gold stamp decoration size: circa 27 x 20 x 5 cm / circa 10.6 x 7.8 x 2 inch, weight: circa 1445 gr., condition: firm, no restoration, complete vellum and gilding very nice, some very slight signs of handling - minor stains on the vellum, the vellum has become slightly yellow the front and back are slightly concave

this is the 1910 edition: the so called Monumentalausgabe in Pergament gebunden

price on request


Jugendstil / art nouveau book cover design,

by Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke, gold & vellum,

Faust Teil Ein und Zwei, Goethe


art deco book cover design

The history of Doctor Faust by Goethe

a Dutch art deco book cover design, title:

De Historie van Doctor Faustus - The history of Dr Faust

by Goethe, edited by René De Clercq (1877-1932)

book design by Albert Hahn Jr.,

born as: Albert Pieter Dijkman, 1894-1953, pseudonym: A. Poussin

price: € 60,-


De Historie van Doctor Faustus,

van Goethe, vertaald en bewerkt door René De Clercq


author and designer: André Vlaanderen

Teekens & Symbolen

1946, first edition

a Dutch art deco book, first edition 1946, titled:

Teekens & Symbolen, een verzameling oude en nieuwe iconografische gegevens

- a collection of old and new iconographis signs and symbols -

author and cover design: André Vlaanderen (1881-1955)

conditon: beautiful, 27 x 19,5 cm., price: € 90,-

art deco book cover design

Signs & Symbols

by André Vlaanderen



Babel - Louis Couperus - Jan Toorop


a Dutch art nouveau book cover - a first edition of

Babel, written by: Louis Couperus / Louis Mari Anne Couperus (1863-1923)

cover design by: Jan Toorop / Johannes Theodorus Toorop (1858-1928)

published in 1901 by: L.J. Veen

21 x 16,5 x 2 cm - price: € 60,-

on the inside the cover is partial loose from the binding


Dutch art nouveau book cover design by Jan Toorop


Parsifal by Richard Wagner, libretto

publisher Im Insel Verlag, Leipzig

a rare issue of the libretto of

Parsifal by Richard Wagner

a jugendstil design on pergament book binding

on the titel page:

Parsifal, ein Buhnenweihfestspiel von Richard Wagner, Im Insel Verlag zu Leipzig

date pre 1917, writing in ink by the former owner, dedicated to his wife's birthday March 29 1917

place, date and name: Laren, maart 1917, Dirk van der Poel

12,5 x 18,5 cm, price: € 90,-

some damage to the spine - see picture, firm binding and very nice on the inside


rare issue of the libretto of

Parsifal by Richard Wagner



woodcut 1894, by K.P.C. de Bazel

K P C De Bazel

Architect Amsterdam

De Tocht der Argonauten, Medea

woodcut 1894, by K.P.C. de Bazel


Nota 1895 Bazel & Lauweriks

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 20 Amsterdam



Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst / Dutch art nouveau, graphic art - De Houtsneden van K.P.C. De Bazel

64 woodcuts, printed from the original blocks made between 1894 and 1903 by Karel Pieter Cornelis de Bazel (1869-1923)

together in a, circa 1995, portfolio, provenance: the grandson of Klaas Boonstra, furniture maker for De Bazel


a beautifull preserved, large book with Dutch art deco book cover design by: P.A.H. Hofman (1885 - 1965), titled: Trinakria, eiland van zon en vuur

by Marie van Maanen (The Hague 1864 - Laren 1937), published by Nijgh & van Ditmar's Uitgevers Mij. Rotterdam, 1929

in near mint condition - with it's original dustwrapper, 287 pages and many photographs from the time of publishing, size: 32 x 25 x 2,5cm - price on request

we have a nice collection of books with covers designed by Pieter Adriaan Hendrik Hofman



a beautifull preserved, large book with Dutch art nouveau book cover design by:

Carel Adolph Lion Cachet (1864-1945)

title: Jacob Maris - subject: works of art by the Dutch artist Jacobus Hendricus Maris (1837-1899) - written by: Théophile Emile Achille De Bock (1851-1904)

published 1902-1903 by: Scheltema & Holkema's Boekhandel, Amsterdam - printed by: Mouton & Co., The Hague - photogravures by: Meissenbach Riffarth, Berlin - binding by: J. Brandt, Amsterdam

blindstamped decorated cloth, gilt stamped on front and spine, top edge gilt, printed on handmade paper

in near mint condition - 184 pages, 90 photo-engraved plates /illustrations, size: 50,8 x 41 x 5 cm / circa 20 x 16 x 2 inch - price on request


a delightfull antique, prayers book / antiek gebeden boek met schildpad band

De Toevlugt der Godminnende Zielen - verzameling van verhevene gebeden

- Turnhout - Brepols & Dierckx zoon -

Approbatio - Imprimatur - Mechliniae - 26 sept. 1861 - J.B. van Hemel, Vic.-Gen.

front and backcover of turtleshell, the front has a silver and gold inlayed decoration with two monograms: J.J.v.d.P and B.J.v.B, gilding on edge with grapevine decoration, leather spine with in gold lettering De Toevlugt

first 3 pages loose - see picture, further firm, 448 pages, complete with it's plates, size: 12,2 x 8,5 x 3 cm

price: € 390,-


a rare volume of the first edition in Dutch, vol. II of 3 - dated 1626

Oeffeninghe der Volmaecktheyt ende Christelycker Deughden

- Exercicio de perfeccion y virtudes cristianas, Seville 1609 / The practice of christian perfection -

by Alphonsus Rodrigues - this is Fr. Alonso Rodrigues S.J. (1526-1616),

translated by P.Marcus vanden Tympel, published in 1626, by Ian Cnobbaert, Antwerpen

vellum binding, no texts on the cover or spine, firm condtion

size: 19 x 13 x 5 cm, price: € 290,-


a set of 3 books - luxurious, monumental and beautifull preserved volumes - titled:

Willem A. van Konijnenburg

Schilderijen en Teekeningen in de verzameling G.F.H. van Kooten Kok

publisher: Martinus Nijhoff, 's Gravenhage, 1929 - published in a very limited edition - this is number 5

with a written and signed dedication by Van Kooten Kok to Emile van Konijnenburg, the brother of Willem van Konijnenburg

with poems by: P.C. Boutens

and attributions by: H.P. Berlage, K.P. Bernet-Kempers, Henri Borel, Lodewijk Bosch, F. Dülberg, C.K. Elout, H. von Essen, K.H. de Haas, Just Havelaar, G. Knuttel Wzn., E. van Konijnenburg, Edw. B. Koster, J.F. Ligtenberg, H.M. Mees, B. Molkenboer O.P., Kasper Niehaus, André Peters, F.P.J. Peutz, Alb. Plasschaert, W. Steenhoff, G.A.H. van der Stok, Corn. Veth, H.R. Wildermuth

folio format - each binding circa: 43,3 x 34,7 x 6 cm / ca. 17 x 13.6 x 2.4 inch

with gilted edged top, gilding on front, back and spine

with it's complete collection of plates, including the 8 collotypes in colour

price on request

Willem Adriaan van Konijnenburg, 1868-1943 Den Haag / Ir. Emile van Konijnenburg, 1869-1956 Den Haag / Pieter Cornelius Boutens, Middelburg 1870-1943 Den Haag / G.F.H. Van Kooten Kok, tea and quinine / kina dealer and Maecenas of Willem van Konijnburg since 1910, Den Haag



Willem van Konijnenburg

Willem van Konijnenburg


Willem van Konijnenburg




Willem van Konijnenburg

Willem van Konijnenburg



a rare and beautifull book on designing art deco ornaments - one of the best books on the subject of ornament in art and architecture in Holland at the time

title: Methodisch Ontwerpen van Ornament

by: Willem Bogtman, Haarlem

published in 1922, by: W.L. & J. Brusse, Rotterdam - 2nd. edition / 2de druk - the title states 'revised edition', but contents the same as first edition of 1913

76 pages dutch text, fully illustrated, most illustrations by W. Bogtman, but the endpapers and 4 more pages by: M. v.d. Burg

condition: to my opinion beautifull, only some discolouring on a part of the endpapers, the further inside excellent, some minor signs of ware to the edges of the hardback outside

price: € 220,-


a beautifull executed book, containing articles on, and photographs of, the Dutch Art Nouveau / Jugendstil, known as:

De Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst

title: Gedenkboek van de Vereniging Arti et Industriae

subtitle: Nederlandsche Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Kunstnijverheid, uitgegeven naar aanleiding van het vijf en twintig-jarig bestaan der Vereeniging en bevattende een verzameling van werken van Nederlandsche Kunstnijverheid, 1884-1909.

Introduction by: K.Sluyterman, published by: Mouton, The Hague, 1910 - 32,2 x 24,7 cm. Orig. decorated cloth,138 pp., with 131 illustrations. Fine copy. With errata leaf.

This copy has been presented to the dutch designer M.J. Hack in 1913, to be read on a separate leaflet.

price: € 260,-

titel: De Bijenkorf, 's Gravenhage - 1st issue, 1926

dit boek, de 1ste druk, is uitgegeven ter herinnering aan de opening van De Bijenkorf in Den Haag op 25 maart 1926 - gedrukt in november 1926 - uitgegeven door de N.V. Vereenigde Bureaux voor de uitgave van speciale werken ten behoeve van handel en industrie - in opdracht van de directie der N.V. Magazijn De Bijenkorf - verzorgd door H.Th Wijdeveld - gedrukt in 't Kasteel Van Aemstel, Amsterdam.

inhoud: Het paleis Der Levensvreugde, door Dr.P.H. Ritter Jr., Den Haag en De Bijenkorf, door Ir. B. Bakker Schut, De Opdracht, de Bouw, en De Architect, door H.Th Wijdeveld, De Technische Diensten in het Gebouw van De Bijenkorf

de architect van het gebouw in Den Haag was Piet Kramer, en het wordt gezien als het laatste grote gebouw in zuivere Amsterdamse School stijl met medewerking van vele groten der Nederlandse Art Deco Kunst.

met toelichtende teksten, overzicht van de organisatie structuur vanuit Amsterdam, plattegronden, interieur en exterieur, beelhouwwerken aan de buitengevel, het trappenhuis met houtsnijwerk en glas in lood, diverse salons en afdelingen, de lichthal, lunchroom, eetzaal, dienstruimtes, daktuin met restaurant, uitzicht, de prachtige lampen in de tapijtzaal, mode- en hoeden- en kunstsalon, en lunchroom met ingebouwd meubilair, winkel opstellingen en een paar mensen op de fiets in de straat, - beeldhouwwerk afgebeeld van: John en Toon Rädecker, Johan Polet, H.A. van den Eijnde, Hildo Krop, A. Remiens, Mej. Lous Beyerman - glas in lood van: Joep Nicolas, W. Bogtman, J. Linse, P. Hofman, Jaap Gidding, H.van der Stok, Mevr.Mien Visser-Duker - beschildering door Leo Visser, Jaap Gidding

talloze advertenties van betrokken en niet betrokken bedrijven

conditie: goed, natuurlijk wat leeftijdssporen aan de buitenzijde, binnenwerk is heel goed.

39,5 x 27,5 cm, prijs: € 290,-

Art Nouveau & Jugendstil presented in 1998 in The Hague, The Netherlands

Den Haag rond 1900, een bloeiend kunstleven, texts by: Titus M. Eliens, Mariette Josephus Jitta, Ietse Meij - an exhibition in1998 at: Museum Het Paleis, Den Haag - published by: V+K Publishing Blaricum and Haags Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - ISBN 9066119713

Art Nouveau Architectuur in Den Haag, een fotografisch overzicht - photography by: Erik and Petra Hesmerg - texts by: Jacqueline Knudsen and John Sillevis - an exhibition in 1998 at: Pulchri Studio - published by: V+K Publishing Blaricum and Haags Gemeentemuseum Den Haag- ISBN 9066119616

Wiener Werkstätte, keuze uit Weense collecties - texts by: John Sillevis, Elisabeth Schmuttermeier, Hanna Egger, Rainald Franz, Peter Vergo - an exhibition in 1998 at: Museum Het Paleis, Den Haag - published by: V+K Publishing Blaricum and Haags Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - ISBN 9066119810

all in a very good condition, price of the 3 books together: € 60,-

complete set van 10 delen, reeks monografieën over Nederlandse interieurarchitecten, uitgeverij 010 Rotterdam, publicatie 1987 - 1991

1. Paul Bromberg 1893-1949 binnenhuisarchitect en publicist, door Monique Teunissen

2. Cor Alons 1892-1967 binnenhuisarchitect en industrieel ontwerper, door Marg van der Burgh

3. Corn. van der Sluys 1881-1944 binnenhuisarchitect, organisator en publicist, door Mienke Simon Thomas

4. Willem Penaat 1875-1957 meubelontwerper en organisator, door Corrie van Adrichem

5. Hendrik Wouda 1885-1946 architect en meubelontwerper, door Monique Teunissen en Albert Veldhuisen

6. Wim den Boon 1912-1968 binnenhuisarchitect, door Peter Vöge

7. Michel de Klerk 1884-1923 bouw- en meubelkunstenaar, door Frans van Burkom

8. Frits Spanjaard 1889-1978 binnenhuisarchitect, door Marg van der Burgh

9. Jan Buijs 1889-1961 interieurs, door Chris Rehorst

10. Theo Nieuwenhuis 1866-1951 sierkunstenaar en meubelontwerper, door Hanneke Olyslager

ISBN 90-6450-052-5 / 90-6450-053-3 / 90-6450-060-6 / 90-6450-061-4 / 90-6450-077-0 / 90-6450-084-3 / 90-6450-109-2 / 90-6450-110-6 / 90-6450-127-0 / 90-6450-128-9

conditie: gebruikt, maar nog heel goed - prijs 10 delige set: € 340,-

Nederlandsche Ambachts- en Nijverheidskunst Jaarboek -W.L. & J. Brusse Uitgevers-Maatschappij, Rotterdam

ook bekend als: de Vank boeken, refererend aan de Nederlandsche Vereeniging voor Ambachts- en Nijverheidskunst

1919 - goed, stevig, rug verbleekt, binnenwerk heel mooi

1920 - lang geleden nieuwe kaft gekregen, uiterlijk niet zo fraai, binnenwerk goed

1921 - mooi, stevig, rug iets verbleekt, binnenwerk prachtig

1922 - opnieuw gebonden, binnenwerk prachtig

1923-1924 - slordig exemplaar, geen harde kaft, binnenwerk echter compleet en ok

1925-1926 - ietwat slordige buitenzijde, geen harde kaft, binnenwerk goed

1927 - geen harde kaft, gebruikssporen, zeer redelijk exemplaar

1928 - harde kaft met goudstempel, kleine vlekjes op voorkaft, binnenwerk zeer goed

1929 - Ruimte, door W.F. Gouwe, opnieuw gebonden met gebruik van het omslagontwerp van Vilmos Huszar, binnenwerk zeer fraai

1930 - Werk, door W.F. Gouwe, rug weg, kaft vervaagd en wat vlekkerig, binnenwerk heel goed

prijs 10 exemplaren samen: € 590,-

Moderne Schoonheid

NV Uitgevers Maatschappij KOSMOS Amsterdam - omslag ontwerp: Anton Kurvers

1. Het Hollansche Interieur, door Paul Bromberg - 1de druk 1931- zonder stofomslag (sold)

2. Het Hollandsche Interieur, door Paul Bromberg - 2ste druk ca. 1932 - met stofomslag

3. Tuinen in Holland, door Ir.J.P. Fokker - 1ste druk 1932 - zonder stofomslag - mooi

4. Gebruiks- en Siervoorwerpen in het Binnenhuis, door Otto van Tussenbroek - 1ste druk 1933 - met stofomslag

conditie: alle zeer goed, stevige binding, lichte gebruikssporen, soms wat kleine vlekjes

prijs: € 90,- per stuk


Nederlandse Architectuur - 4 parts, issued in 1975

1. Amsterdamse School 1910-1930, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - by: Ellinoor Bergvelt, Frans van Burkom, Liesbeth Crommelin, Freerk Sleeboom, Wim de Wit - catalogue design: Wim Crouwel, Bram Engelse, Total Design Amsterdam- press by: C. Huig BV Zaandam

2. Americana 1880-1930, Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo - by: Fons Asselbergs, Leonard K. Eaton, Paul Hefting, Tom van Leeuwen, R.W.D. Oxenaar, Dick van Woerkom, Auke van der Woud - catalogue design: Wim Crouwel, Daphne Duijvelshoff, Total Design - press by: C. Huig BV Zaandam

3. Architectura 1893-1918, Architectuur Museum Amsterdam - by: M. Bock - catalogue design: Wim Crouwel, Total Design - press by: C. Huig BV Zaandam

4. Berlage 1856-1934, Haags Gemeentemuseum - by: Pieter Singelen berg, Manfred Bock, Kees Broos - catalogue design: Wim Crouwel, Jolijn van de Wouw, Total Design - press by: C. Huig BV Zaandam

all in good condition, price of the 4 books together: € 60,-


post-auction catalogues

1. The Light - Christie's London, May 2000 - sale 6290 - very good condition - price: € 65,-

images of work by: Cantagalli, Edward Spencer, A. Chertier, W.A.S. Benson, Sir Edwin Lutyens, Koloman Moser, E. Bakalowits Sohne, Otto Prutscher, Meyr's Neffe, Karl Witzmann, Josef Hoffmann, Wiener Werkstätte, Herta Bucher, Adolf Loos, Gudrub Baudisch, Michael Powolny, Gmunder Keramik, Josef Frank, Vally Wieselthier, Hagenauer, Hugo Gorge, Loetz, Dagobert Peche, Daum, Majorelle, Gallé, Maurice Dufrene, J.J.P. Oud, W.H. Gispen, Marianne Brandt, Christian Dell, René Herbst, Desny, Sabino, and many more

2. The Chair - Christie's London, May 1999 - sale 6117 - very good condition - price: € 65

images of work by: A. Aalto, Ron Arad, Asplund, Baillie Scott, Peter Behrens, Marcel Breuer, Carlo Bugatti, S. Burton, Pierre Chareau, Eric Dieckmann, Embru, Damon & Bertaux, F. de Sanctis, D. Delatorre, T. Dixon, M. Dufet, M. Forlani, J. Frank, F. Furness, B. Giudici, Eileen Gray, Poul Henningson, Rene Herbst, Josef Hoffmann, G. Hunzinger, Arne Jacobsen, P. Jeanneret, A. Jones, F. Juhl, P. Karpf, P. Keller, Kill International, Knoll International, J & J Kohn, S. Kuramata, Le Corbusier, Liberty & Co., Adolf Loos, H. Kuckhardt, C.R. Mackintosh, Koloman Moser, Maple & Co., A. Mendini, M. Newson, Officina Undicci, J.M. Olbrich, Omega Workshops, Verner Panton, Charlotte Periand, Richard Riemerschmid, Gerrit Rietveld, Mies van der Rohe, J.E. Ruhlmann, E. Saarinen, Gustav Stickley, Thonet, H. Vollmer, Otto Wagner, Hans Wegner, a.m.m.

3. The Chair - Christie's London, November 2000 - sale 6394 - very good condition - price: € 65,-

images of work by: A. Aalto, Ron Arad, J. Adnet, Baillie Scott, Marcel Breuer, Carlo Bugatti, Joe Colombo, S. Crolla, J. Chapuis, Eric Dieckmann, C. Dresser, T. Dixon, Dryad, Desny, R. Falkenberg, R. Fry, F. Gehry, E. Gimson, J. Gruber, Hector Guimard, Rene Herbst, Josef Hoffmann, F. Hansen, J.S. Henry, Arne Jacobsen, S. Kuramata, J. & J. Kohn, Liberty, Adolf Loos, E. Lutyens, C.R. Mackintosh, Koloman Moser, Louis Majorelle, Makepeace, Albin Muller, M. Newson, J.M. Olbrich, B. Pankok, Verner Panton, Jean Pouvé, Richard Riemerschmid, Mies van der Rohe, A. A. Rateau, J. Rowntree, J. Royere, P. Selmersheim, A. Sornay, Thonet, Henry van de Velde, E. Vallin, A. waterhouse, H.T. Wijdeveld, a.m.m.



Hans Christiansen, Leben und Werk eines Jugendstil Künstlers,

Teil I: Einführung und Werkanalyse & Teil II: Werkverzeichnis

by: Margret Zimmermann - Degen,

publisher: Karl Robert Langewiesche Nachfolger, Hans Köster Königstein im Taunis

343 pages, with hundreds of pictures of his work, in colour and black & white

33,3 x 25,7 cm., hard copy, in beautifull condition, binded in linen, with green linen cover with a golden stamp of the signatuur of H.C and his famous rose, with dustwrapper

in good condition, in cardboard slipcase - weight ca. 2200 gr, € 220,-

Österreichische Keramik des Jugendstils,

Sammlung des Österreichischen Museums für angewandte Kunst, Wien,

Materialen zur Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts, Band 18

by: Waltraud Neuwirth - publisher: Prestel Verlag München, 1974

ISBN 3 7913 0082 2 - 516 pages, with hundreds of pictures, some in colour, most black & white

24,5 x 24,5 cm - binded hardcover, in a beautifull condition, binded with plain orange linen cover,

with title in gold, with dustwrapper in good condition - weightcategory 2-5 kg, € 140,-



Das Glas des Jugendstils, Sammlung des Österreichischen Museums für angewandte Kunst, Wien, Materialen zur Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts, Band 9

by: Waltraud Neuwirth - publisher: Prestel Verlag München, 1974, ISBN 3 7913 0082 2

435 pages, with hundreds of pictures, some in colour, most black & white,

with glass from: Europe and USA - Austria, Belgium, Germany, Bohemia, Prague, Great Brittain, France, Sweden - with signatures and marks, and a geographical map

24 x 17 cm - condition: very good - weightcategory 0-2 kg, € 110,-


Peter Behrens und Nürnberg, Geschmackswandel in Deutschland - Historismus, Jugendstil und die Anfänge der Industrieform

by: Peter-Klaus Schuster, Tilmann Buddensieg, Bernward Deneke, Hermann Glaser, Norbert Götz, Gerhard Hirschmann, Matthias Mende, Gisela Moeller, Claus Pese, Klaus-Jürgen Sembach, Jutta Tschoeke, Leonie von Wilckens - publisher: Prestel Verlag, München, 1980

ISBN 3 7913 0527 1 - 309 pages, with hundreds of pictures of his work, in black & white - 24 x 22 cm.,

condition: used, but good, softcover binding - weight 1040 gr, € 39,-


Jugendstil In Dresden, Aufbruch In Die Moderne

extensively documented on many subjects, such as: furniture, porcelain, ceramics earthenware, silver, tiles, posters, bookbindings, photography, bronzes, medals, paintings, textiles, glass, etc.

publisher: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden & Edition Minerva, 1999 - ISBN 3 932353 29 3

467 pages, with hundreds of pictures in colour and black & white - 31,5 x 24 cm -

hardcover, in a beautifull condition, binded with plain purple linen cover,

with dustwrapper in good condition - weightcategory 2-5 kg, € 240,-

Richard Riemerschmid, Vom Jugendstil Zum Werkbund, Werke Und Dokumente

extensively documented life and work, by: Birgit-Verena Karnapp, Claus Pese, Beate Dry-van Zezschwitz, Antonia Gruhn, Veronika Schäfer, Winfied Nerdinger

publisher: Winfried Nerdinger - ISBN 3 7813 0611 1

546 pages, with hundreds of pictures of his work, in colour and black & white 24 x 22 cm.,

hard copy, in beautifull condition, binded with plain yellow linen cover,

with dustwrapper in good condition - ca. 1740 gr, € 90,-


Bruno Paul, Deutsche Raumkunst und Architektur zwischen Jugendstil und Moderne

by: Thomas Drebusch, Jürgen Franzke, Wolfram Hagspiel, Dagmar von Kessel,

Hans Ottomeyer, Marion Webers-Tschiskale, Alfred Ziffer

publisher: Alfred Ziffer & Münchner Stadtmuseum - ISBN 3 7814 0325 4 395 pages,

with hundreds of pictures of his work, in colour and black & white

25,5 x 22 cm., hard copy, in beautifull condition, binded with plain black linen cover,

with dustwrapper in good condition - ca. 1600 gr. - € 130,-

Maurice Marinot, glass designer and painter

an exhibition catalogue of works by Marinot,

wich were presented as a gift to the museum in Brussel, by Florence Marinot

illustrated with 27 illustrations in black & white and in colour

very good condition - weight 295 gr., €25,-




the Delta 98 Den Haag collection of the dutch art deco magazin / art journal


116 different issues were published, between 1918 and 1932

sold sold
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in the dutch magazine Wendingen you can find articles and illustrations on achitecture, interior design, art and applied art,

on frank lloyd wright, h.p. berlage, w.m. dudok, b. bijvoet, j. duiker, j.l.m. lauweriks, josef hoffmann, eric mendelsohn, finsterlin, eileen gray, w.h. gispen, hildo krop, samuel jessurun de mesquita, jan toorop, gustav klimt, josef mendes da costa, p.l. kramer, albert hahn, johan thorn prikker, ossip zadkine, chris lebeau, diego rivera, j.f. staal, wijdeveld, antoine bourdelle, r.n. roland holst, joep nicolas, pyke koch, a.c. willink, amsterdam school, haagse stijl, de stijl, gispen, leerdam glas, art from sweden, denmark, hungary, austria, france, holland, finland, wood block prints, van nelle fabriek rotterdam, de bijenkorf den haag and rotterdam, dance, masks, theatre, indonesia, puppets and marionets, etc,etc.

Vol. 10, no. 3, 1929 - subject Diego de la Rivera, cover design Vilmos Huszar (seen: back and front)


Wendingen covers were designed by:

a.d. copier, jan sluyters, chris lebeau, samuel jessurun de mesquita, vilmos huszar, el lissitzky, hermann finsterlin, wijdeveld, christa ehrlich, w.h. gispen, j.l.m. lauweriks, k.p.c. de bazel, josef cantré, jaap gidding, c.a.lion cachet, wijdeveld, theo van reijn, hildo krop, willem van konijnenburg, johan polet, jac. jongert, w.m. dudok, margaret kropholler, w. wouda, peter alma, h.a. van anrooy, tine baanders, l.e. beyerman, c.j. blaauw, p. bolken, tjerk bottema, b. bijvoet & j. duiker, b. essers, h.a. van den eijnde, albert hahn jr., jan havermans, j.b. heukelom, otto b. de kat, k. katkof, michel de klerk, j. ten klooster, albert klijn, e.j. kuipers, anton kurvers, g.f. la croix, frits lensvelt, johan luger, j.m. luthmann, p.l. marnette, fokke mees, josef mendes da costa, joep nicolas, toon poggenbeek, johan polet, jan poortenaar, r.n. roland holst, willem rozendaal, s.l. schwartz, j. sjollema, jan sluijters, a.p. smits, j.a. snellebrand, arthur staal, jan toorop, n.j. van de vecht, l.c. van der vlugt, j. zietsma, h.t. zwiers.



7x SDAP Arbeiders Jaarboekje - 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927 - publisher: N.V. Ontwikkeling Amsteram, cover designs Fré Cohen (1903-1943) 1928, cover design Albert Hahn Jr. (1894-1953), 1930, SDAP & NVV, cover design Fré Cohen, publisher N.V. De Arbeiderspers Amsterdam, 1931, SDAP & NVV, cover design Albert Hahn Jr.

the SDAP was a Dutch political party during 1894 - 1946, now PvdA. The NVV is an association of dutch labour unions - sold

Fré Cohen

Fré Cohen

Fré Cohen

Fré Cohen

Albert Hahn

Fré Cohen

Albert Hahn




Venini 1921 / 1978

dedicated to the famous Murano glass designer: Paolo Venini

by Luigi Massoni, Italy 1978 - graphic design: Heinz Waibl / Signo - photographs by: Piero Raffaelli and Pino Usicco

a square folio, no pagination, sumptuosly illustrated in colour, with plain black covers - in it's original grey slipcase, wich has a small torn on the folding around the downside, but is restored - the book itself is in a fabulous condition - weight 1330 gr.

a rare book, only 500 published - this is a non-numbered copy of those 500




an important exhibition catalogue about the most important European Glass Designs of the Fifties, for an exhibition in 1988 in Marseille at the Centre de la Vieille Charité

La Verrerie Européenne Des Années 50

by: Michel Aveline, for: Musées de Marseille - ISBN 2-907010-01-8, graphic design: Philippe Renaud and Alain Pouyer, photocompositions: Espace Quali-Graphie, outlay: Monome - 160 pages, written in French - weight 965 gr




Light Years Ahead, The Story Of The PH Lamp

by: Louis Poulsen - publisher: Norhaven A/S

about the development and produktion of the PH Lamp, designed by Poul Henningsen, contents: progress and concept of light, quality of light, taming of light, lighting logic, the PH Lamp as a type, the spread of the PH Lamp, from the PH Lamp to the PH 5

second edition, first impression, printed in Denmark, in 2000 - 304 pages, english written, with many pictures of all kinds of PH lamps - hardcover - condition: very good - with many, many illustrations - hard cover binding - weight circa 1707gr






L' ART DÉCORATIF, Revue Internationale D'Art Industriel et de Décoration

4 binded volumes of this famous french magazin from the art nouveau period: oktober 1898 - september 1899, oktober 1900 - september 1901, oktober 1901 - december 1902, january 1903 - june 1903

with thousands of items: statues, jewellery, porcelain, glass, metal work, furniture, tiles, carpets, interiors, lamps, textile, lace, ceramics, bookbindings, paintings, medallic art

also containing the original, french TROPON by Henry van de Velde, 2 original lithographs by George de Feure, an original woodcut of Der Bunte Vogel by Peter Behrens, woodcuts by Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita, lithographs by J.E.Blanche and Henri Rivière, and more.

with articles and objects of: Henry van de Velde, Louis C. Tiffany, Lion Cachet, Jessurun de Mesquita, George de Feure, Tony Selmersheim, Josef Hoffmann, Colonna, Daum Frères, Ashbee, Berlage, Paul Berthon, Maurice Dufrene, Hans Christiansen, Mackintosh, Majorelle, Morris, Mucha, Pankok, Kayserzinn, Christoffle, Lalique, Emile Gallé, Royal Copenhagen, Wiener Werkstätte, E.B. Léveillé, Powell, Val St. Lambert, B. Pankok, Bruno Paul, William Morris, Richard Riemerschmid, Guérin, M. Berthon, Maurice Denis, Rodin, Hansen-Jacobsen, Voysey, Charpentier, Georges Minne, Rousseau, Paul du Bois Fernandubois, Constantin Meunier and many, many more


some of our sold books with art nouveau and art deco cover designs - sold by Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands:




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