art nouveau


K.P.C. de Bazel and C.A. Oosschot

carved wooden, art nouveau bookends



2 Dutch, art nouveau, carved oak wooden bookends

- 2 Nieuwe Kunst, gesneden eiken houten boekensteunen -

made circa 1900 in Holland / The Netherlands,

although not signed and not found documented, we are convinced they are

designed by: K.P.C. / Karel Petrus Cornelis de Bazel (1869-1923)

carved by: Kees / C.A. Oosschot (1870-1945)

and perhaps constructed by: Klaas Boonstra (1859-1927)

they come together with 63 wood cut prints, printed from the original wood blocks made between 1894 and 1903, for or by K.P.C. de Bazel, the blocks were collected and printed in 1925, the cover map here is of a later date, provenance: the grandson of Klaas Boonstra


De Houtsneden van K.P.C. de Bazel, inleiding van J.L.M. Lauweriks, uitgave S.L. van Looy, Amsterdam

see below or ask for more pictures - price on request


K.P.C. de Bazel,

boekensteunen en 63 houtsneden

boekensteunen en houtsnedes door K.P.C. de Bazel, Kees Ooschot en Klaas Boonstra, click to enlarge:

size of the bookends without the metal plate: 17,5 x 12,5 x 10 cm / circa 6.9 x 4.9 x 3.9 inch - length with metal book plate: 25,5 cm / circa 10 inch - weight togeter: circa 1906 gr.

size of the map: 30 x 23,3 x 1,7 cm / circa 11.8 x 9.1 x 0.7 inch





some examples of our art nouveau / Jugendstil wax seal stamps - for many more and sales see our shop: delta 98 den haag - category: antique wax seals

from left to right:

a gilded bronze wax seal by Som-Charles Guenardeau, France, foundry Susse Freres, Paris - 6,8cm

a polychromed wax seal, depicting Judith with the head of Holofernes - 11,7cm

a bronze and enamel wax seal with the coat of arms of the family Von Schmidt auf Altenstadt, designed by Jan Eisenloeffel - 6,3cm

a patinated metal wax seal, depicting an elegant lady - 7,4cm


Loetz / Lötz Wwe, Klostermühle

a pair of art nouveau vases, known as cobalt Papillon, made circa 1900 by:

Loetz / Lötz Wwe, Klostermühle, Bohemia

height circa 22,4 cm - perfect condition - price on request


Loetz / Lötz Wwe, Klostermühle

an art nouveau vase, known as Candia Papillon with silver overlay decor,

made circa 1900 by:

Loetz / Lötz Wwe, Klostermühle, Bohemia

height: 25 cm - chip to the glas at the top - price on request


an extremely rare piece of Dutch art nouveau - art deco furniture

a stationery cabinet, made of coromandel / calamander - ebony wood, ajour cut copper,

covered on the outside with batik parchment with sea horse motif, on the inside with gold leaf

- een uniek klein meubel, gemaakt van hout, ajour gezaagd rood koper, batik op perkament met zeepaardjes motief en bladgoud -

by: Carel Adolph Lion Cachet (1864-1945)

provenance Karel den Tex (1868-1930) & Adrienne Cornelie Philippine des Tombe (1867-1955)

messurements when closed: 37,8 x 29,3 x 17,5 cm

more information and pictures available, price on request

collection: delta 98 den haag


Jugendstil WMF spoon 44cm


very long Jugendstil / Art Nouveau serving spoon, a punch ladl, made by:

WMF - Württembergischen Metallwarenfabrik in Geislingen, Germany

left: nickel-silver with a gilt bowl,

with WMFN. I/O mark, length 44 cm / 17.3 inch

right: of yellow and white metal and a hand hammered bowl,

with Ostrich WMF G mark, length 40 cm / 15.7 inch


art nouveau WMF spoon 40cm




a Jugendstil / Art Nouveau inkwell / inkpot

with lily pads, 3 bees and a butterfly,

by: Metallwaren Fabrik J.P. Kayser & Sohn, Krefeld

made between 1898 and 1900,

sometimes refered to as a honeypot

and sometimes attributed to the designer Hugo Leven,

with the round Kayserzinn mark and number 4275

schreibzeug, tintenfass, inktpot, honingpot, honigtopf

art nouveau


Javotte, an art nouveau bronze statue,

a female buste, by E. Villanis

with signature and foundry mark and number


Jugendstil bronze buste of a young lady

titled: Javotte, made circa 1900,

by Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914)

height circa 25,5 cm, price on request


an art nouveau bronze statue of

a young girl, Javotte, by

E. Villanis

art nouveau bronze statue of

a female blowing bubles, by C.A. Söding

Jugendstil gilt bronze figure of a lady blowing a buble,

circa 1900, by C.A. Söding

an art nouveau bronze statue of

a nude young girl blowing bubles, by C.A. Söding


a circa 1900 executed, gilt bronze statue of an elegant nude female, standing on a marble base, holding a small bowl in her hand and blowing a buble, signed: Söding, for

Curtis / C.A. Söding, who lived in Sweden, circa 1858-1934

height: 42 cm / circa 16.5 inch - price on request


Amstelhoek, Chris van der Hoef

an art nouveau vase, with an inlayed decoration,

designed and signed, circa 1905, by:

Chris van der Hoef (1875-1933) for Amstelhoek

height: 26,2 cm., price: € 950,-




an art nouveau, carved box

marked on the downside AH, for: Amstelhoek (1897-1903)

inside 4 compartments for playing chips

the lid has a wooden centrepiece, decorated with the 4 symbols of the card game: hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds

height: 10 cm., diameter: 7,5 cm, price: € 1400,-




Art Nouveau period, in the Historicism style, glass centerpiece by:

Ernest Baptiste Léveillé


a rare centerpiece of decorated art glass and gilded bronze,

made in the Art Nouveau period, in the Historicism style, by:

Ernest Baptiste Léveillé (1841-1913, France)

made probably before 1885, because in that year he bought the glass workshop of Francois Eugene Rousseau and probably started signing his own designs with his name, and Rousseau could use his own, here no signature found

the crystal bowl has internal decoration of burgundy, dark orange and milky white inclucions, acid etched decoration of leaves and flowers on the surface of the inside, hand painted gold decoration and gold in relief on the outside of flowers and twigs, mounted in a superb made gilt bronze stand, with on each foot a Helios or Gorgon like head, being pulled by dragons or winged serpents

width: circa 38 cm / 14.9 inch - height: circa 17 cm / 6.7 inch

condition: beautiful, no chips, no cracks, no restoration, some loss of the painted gilding and the gilding on the rim, the bronze part is beautiful and firm

- tabletop cachepot, jardiniere du table en cristal, monture en bronze dore, piece de mileu -

price on request

Art Nouveau period, in Historicism style, glass, gold and bronze bowl, by:

Ernest Baptiste Léveillé


acid etched and gilded, art nouveau glass vases in the Japonism style, by:

Mellerio Freres,

Verreries et Cristalleries d’Aubervilliers

a very rare pair of elegant, acid etched and gilded vases decorated art glass, made in the Art Nouveau period, in the Japonism style, known to be made by:

Mellerio Freres, Lissaute-Cosson et Mellerio, Verreries et Cristalleries d’Aubervilliers

made pre 1897, because at that time Legras Verreries de Saint Denis et Cie took the company of Mellerio over, on these no signature found

tall and narrow cylindrical bodies of transparant crystal with glass of a slight mauve color, decorated with acid etching of flowers and leaves, on that, in high and low relief, handpainted golden flowers on twigs, the top has gilding on the rim, the added glass feet are formed by pulling the hot glass mass into this shape, in the glass mass of ring around the lower part and the feet you will see gold powder inclucions.

condition: beautiful, no chips, no cracks, no restoration

heights: circa 45,1 cm / 17.7 inch

price on request

acid etched and gilded, art nouveau glass vases in the Japonism style, by:

Mellerio Freres,

Verreries et Cristalleries d’Aubervilliers

Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg Den Haag,

Juliana aardewerk, 1914

a Dutch art nouveau ceramic vase, executed by:

Rozenburg, Den Haag

art pottery of The Hague between 1883-1917

made in 1914, known as Plateel,

this type of decoration is called Prinsesse - or Juliana Aardewerk

condition: 2x a small chip to the rim

height: 16cm, price on request

Dutch art nouveau ceramic vase

by Rozenburg Den Haag


Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co Purmerend plateel


a dutch art nouveau ceramic vase, so called: plateel aardewerk

executed by: Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co, Purmerend 1895-1904

decorated with flowers and butterflies

marked with a wooden shoe / klompje and HA, known as model number 1025

condition: very good, only a smal chip at the spout - height: 24 cm, price: € xxx - sold

documentation: Purmerends Jugendstil Aardewerk 1895-1907 Supplement, page 47 - cat. 602


Plateelbakkerij De Distel

a Dutch, so called plateel, art nouveau ceramic vase

made circa 1910, at:

Plateelbakkerij De Distel, Amsterdam (1895-1925)

height: 20 cm., price: € 190,-

not marked, but undoubtedly Distel - condition: very good, no cracks, no restoration, one small chip to the rim

Faun playing flute by Royal Copenhagen,

a 1915 design by Christian Thomsen



a charming Royal Copenhagen Denmark porcelain figure known as

Faun Playing Syrinx / Pipes

designed in 1915, by: Christian Thomsen (Denmark 1860-1921)

executed in 1939

the mark: a strike above the A of Denmark marks: crown, DENMARK, 3 blue waves, green model number 1736

height: circa 13,5 cm / circa 5.3 inch - excellent condition


Faun playing flute by Royal Copenhagen,

a 1915 design by Christian Thomsen






Royal Copenhagen, executed pre 1923

Girls Pair or Amager Girls Reading

model 1395, design 1912, by:

Lotte Benter / Charlotte Benter Bogdanoff

price: xxx - sold


Royal Copenhagen, executed pre 1923

Woman Knitting

model 1317, design 1911-1914, by:

Lotte Benter / Charlotte Benter Bogdanoff

price: xxx - sold



an early, porcelain figure of a young girl feeding a calf milk from a bucket, known as

Girl with Calf made by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark

executed between 1923 and 1928 - see the mark

designed in 1906 by: Christian Thomsen (1860-1921)

further marks: Chr.Th. on the side, and green 779, blue 3 waves and 164

height: 16,5 cm / circa 6.5 inch



a rare, because early - pre 1923, porcelain statue of a young man and girl, known as

Hans and Trine

made by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark - executed pre 1923 - see the mark

designed in 1916 by: Christian Thomsen (1860-1921)

text on the side of the base: Hans og Trine, Poul M. Moller, Chr.Th - further marks: green 1783, blue 3 waves and 159

height: 23,5 cm / circa 9.25 inch



4 antique crystal and gold

Dessert Wine or Port glasses with golden top rim and lining at the foot

authentic Art Nouveau / Jugendstil made circa 1900 in Bohemia

a cup shaped bowl with gold at the top, 8 optical blown ribs, a beautiful and elegant hollow stem, a domed foot with golden edge, the lightness of the glass and the technique used is if they are blown at the lamp

heights circa 12,4 cm / circa 4.9 inch - price: xxx - sold





a set of 7 antique crystal, high stemmed and cut

wine glasses with golden top rim and lining at the foot

authentic Art Nouveau / Jugendstil, so called Stengelgläser

made circa 1900 in Bohemia because of the very high quality of glass and cutting, probably made by: Theresienthal Glassworks

a cup shaped bowl with gold at the top, a beautiful and elegant crafted collar, a 6x faceted cut high and hollow stem, on a Roemer glass-like base, with a gold line at the angle

condition: 6 very good and beautiful, clear glass, no chips, no cracks, no restoration, no residu - on the inner side of the foot's rim some tiny fleebits (probably caused during manufacturing), 1 with a tiny fleebit at the outside of the foot's rim

heights circa 19,3 cm / circa 7.6 inch



4 highly elegant, antique crystal glasses authentic

Art Nouveau / Jugendstil White Wine Glasses so called Stengelgläser,

made circa 1910 with a pistache / yellow green colored cuppa, with multiple vertical ribs,

the form of the cuppa is as a Otto Prutscher design,

on a high stem as a design of Prutscher or Peter Behrens

height: circa 20,5 cm / 8 inch - price: xxx - sold


bronze torso, Bernhard Hoetger

B. Hoetger, 1874-1949

Bernhard Hoetger

Bernhard Hoetger, edition 3/3 circa 1905


a circa 1905, bronze of a nude female with an arched back, in a highly expressionistic style

Torso of a young woman

depicting a fragment of a strong human body, bending slightly backwords, as if in a frozen moment of movement

signed in the bronze: B. Hoetger - for Bernhard Hoetger (1874-1949) and numbered in the bronze: 3/3, no foundry mark found

we date this piece between 1900 - 1909; during these years Hoetger lived and worked in Paris and was highly influenced by August Rodin and Rodin's expressionism

provenance: a private sculpture collection in The Hague, The Netherlands

height of the bronze: 39 cm / circa 15.4 inch - sold



Jac. van den Bosch


an extremely rare shot glass, designed by:

Jac. van den Bosch (1868-1948)

executed, made at the lamp, in 1900, by: W. Geisler, Amsterdam, Holland

in search of new design in Holland, known as Nieuwe Kunst, H.P. Berlage (1856-1934) and Jac. van den Bosch, co-founders of 't Binnenhuis Amsterdam (1900-1936), were pioneers; freeing Dutch design of 19th century historicism, they also made first attempts to innovate the design of glassware, based on the idea of an undecorated chalice shape, perhaps following the designs of Peter Behrens (1869-1940, Germany) of a few years earlier. For documentation see the monography: Jac. van den Bosch, Drents Museum 1987, page 130 and Modern Glas in Nederland 1880-1940, by Titus Eliëns, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, text on page 15, 16

height: 9,9 cm., weight: 50 gr., price: € 690,-


Porceleyne Fles Delft, Jacoba,

Adolf Le Comte, att.

Wapen van Limburg

Jacoba aardewerk Delft,

Porceleyne Fles, att.

Wapen van Utrecht

Adolf Le Comte,

Jacoba ceramic Royal Delft, att.

Wapen van Zuid Holland

Porceleyne Fles Delft,

Jacoba keramiek, att.

Wapen van Zeeland


Jacoba, Le Comte, att.

luster glazuur

Wapen van Noord Brabant



A, with high skill designed, ceramic, lidded pot in the Dutch art nouveau style, the Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst. The sublime placed decoration has been scratched into the wet clay of reddish earthenware, metaloxides and metalglazing are used for colouring. It is likely to be the, so called, Jacoba ceramic of the De Porceleyne Fles, Delft

It was Adolf Le Comte (1850-1921) who devoloped this technique in 1897 at De Porceleyne Fles in Delft

The decor depicts 5 Dutch coat of arms, belonging to the Provincial authorities of Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Zeeland, Zuid Holland and Utrecht.

condition very good, only a small imperfection in the upper rim, caused during the baking process

height: 27 cm., price: € 1650,-


W. C. Brouwer

4 dutch art nouveau, so called Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst, ceramic jugs, designed and executed circa 1902-1904, by:

W.C. / Willem Coenraad Brouwer (1877-1933), Leiderdorp

heights: 10,5 - 7,8 - 7,5 - 7 cm, marked: Brouwer's Aardewerk BBL Holland, condition: the 3 small ones with chip, price together: € 190,-





Jan Eisenloeffel

3x a copper teapot, dutch art nouveau, so called Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst

designed circa 1902-1904, by:

Jan Eisenloeffel (1876-1957)

2 with hard to read, but present mark on the spout, 1 (smallest) has the mark for execution at: De Woning, Amsterdam, on the spout

lengths: 20 - 17,5 - 16 cm, 2 smallest with some slight bumps, and the smallest without the inner ring of the lid

prices: € xxx - all sold



Prof. Siegfried Haertel



a small, but superb and exquisite jugendstil vase, made of cobalt blue crystal, decorated with a extremely fine handpainted decoration of gold enamelling, cut with 8 facets

very high quality, handmade craftsmenship and a beautifull design by:

Prof. Siegfried Haertel (1870-1943)

executed circa 1910 by: Gräflich Schaffgotsch'sche Josephinenhütte, at Schreiberhau, Schlesien, Germany

marked with gold: Josephinenhütte

condition: excellent, clear glass, no chips, no cracks, gold has very slight wear, but still extremely beautifull present, no restorations

height: 13 cm / 5.1 inch, price: € 590,-




Javanese court dancer,

a bronze sculpture by C. Wirtz

a dutch, art nouveau bronze statue, circa 1915

depicting a female Javanese court dancer in traditional costume and posture

designed by: Carel Wirtz, The Netherlands 1884 - 1944 USA

height: 29,5 cm., price: € 2400,-

also known in ceramic, executed by Haga Purmerend

exhibition: nov.2014 - jan.2015 at: Indisch DNA, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn





Javaanse danseres,

bronzen beeld door Carel Wirtz




Carel Adolph Lion Cachet


a rare, small, dutch art nouveau transfer plaque / wrijfplaatje

designed in 1901, by:

Carel Adolph Lion Cachet (1864-1945)

executed by: J.A.A. Gerritsen, Amsterdam

on occasion of the marriage of Wilhelmina van Oranje-Nassau, Queen of The Netherlands with Hendrik van Mecklenburg-Schwerin in 1901 and given to the boy schoolchildren of Amsterdam

text: Oranje Mecklenburg 1901

with the Oranjeboom, two climbing lions, children celebrating, a bridge, canal and buildings and the coat of arms of Amsterdam

made of tin - 5,1 x 4,2 cm - price: € 90,-

some sold items:


Royal Copenhagen

a very delicate decorated porcelain art nouveau / jugendstil vases,

made before 1923, by: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark

with a decoration of a Rose in very soft tones, marks: green underglaze: crown, Royal Copenhagen 615 above 47D and in blue underglaze: 3 waves and 53, that leads us to the dating 1898-1923, the form designed by Arnold Krog and the painter E. Grad, colornumber 615.

height: 22 cm., price: xxx - sold



William Arthur Smith Benson

an authentic, English art nouveau, silvered bronze

Clock or Mantel Timepiece designed and made circa 1905, by:

WAS Benson

for: William Arthur Smith Benson (1854-1924)

marked on one foot: WASB&Co.LD, marking on other foot not legible marked, on the front plate: W.A.S. Benson & Co.LD, 82 & 83 New Bond St.W

heigth: 22 cm / circa 8.7 inch

price: € xxxx - sold


Michael Powolny


a glass vase designed by:

Michael Powolny (1871-1954), so called: "Ausführungen",

made by Joh. Loetz / Lötz Wittwe, Klostermühle,

overlay glass / überfang glas, with striking colors: a orange cuppa and cobalt-blue (usual black) on the topring and the foot,

height: 22,5 cm., price: € xxx - sold


Wilhelm Kralik Sohn

an authentic art nouveau / art deco lamp, made of coloured art glass, known as cameo glass, with cameo mark:


made by: Wilhelm Kralik Sohn, Eleonorenhain, Bohemia - between 1918 and 1930

when lit the colors are mainly red and yellow, when not lit the underground is more fresh green and yellow

the height as seen: 40 cm / ca. 15.7 inch, with original socket, and old wiring

€ xxxx - sold


Martin Mayer


an authentic art nouveau / jugendstil brooch

made circa 1905, by:

Martin Mayer, Mainz and Pforzheim, Germany

they produced silver jewelry designed by: Peter Behrens, Hans Christiansen and Patriz Huber

this brooch is made of chased and hammered silver, decorated with a band of leaves and set with an oval cabochon chrysoprase, marked with stamped monogram M-wheel-M and 800,

lenght: 45 mm., price: € xxx - sold


Daum, Nancy


a french art nouveau glass vase, so called: pate-de-verre

executed circa 1910, made and signed by:

Daum, Nancy

condition: very good, no chips, no cracks, no restorations, slight signs of age

height: 11cm - price: € xxx - sold


Jacoba ceramic

De Porceleyne Fles, Royal Delft


a Dutch art nouveau ceramic vase, so called:

Jacoba aardewerk

executed circa 1915, by De Porceleyne Fles, Royal Delft

De Porceleyne Fles started making this type of ceramic in 1897, all the designs were by:

Adolf Le Comte (1850-1921)

Jacoba is always made of Dutch clay, with incised decoration into the air-dryed surface with a little pointed stick, then a first firing, then colouring and a second firing - sometimes, like this one, the colouring was done with special glazes, resulting in Réflet Métallique

height: 11,5 cm / ca. 4.5 inch - width: ca. 20 cm / 7.9 cm

excellent condition, no restoration - sold

Jacoba aardewerk

De Porceleyne Fles, Royal Delft


Haagsche Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg


an dutch art nouveau ceramic vase, executed by:

Haagsche Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg 1883-1917

art pottery of The Hague

made in 1904, painter: Johannes van der Vet

condition: excellent, no restorations

height: 21 cm, price: € xxx - sold





Royal Copenhagen


a Royal Copenhagen Denmark porcelain

Polar Bear Cub

designed in 1906 by: Knud Kyhn

underglaze green mark: crown, Royal Copenhagen Denmark, bar below E of Denmark, for date of manufacturing: 1956, underglaze blue mark: 3 waves and DHX, and green modelnumber 729

circa 11,5 x 6 cm, perfect condition, price: € xx - sold





J.W. Mijnlief, Utrecht

plateel, Fayence- en Tegelfabriek Holland


a pair of dutch art nouveau ceramic vases, so called: plateel aardewerk

executed by:

Fayence- en Tegelfabriek Holland (1894-1918)

art pottery of Utrecht, Netherlands - made circa 1900, painter: J.W Mijnlief (1862-1937)

marked with oakleaf, JM, Holland, 867/807 N, 265

condition: excellent, no restorations

heights: 33,1 and 33,7cm - price of the pair: € xxxx - sold


J.W. Mijnlief, Utrecht

plateel, Fayence- en Tegelfabriek Holland


a pair of dutch art nouveau ceramic vases, so called: plateel aardewerk

executed by:

Fayence- en Tegelfabriek Holland (1894-1918)

art pottery of Utrecht, Netherlands - made circa 1900, painter: J.W Mijnlief (1862-1937)

marked with oakleaf, JM, Holland, 416

condition: several chips to the base rim, further excellent

heights: 34 and 33,7cm - price of the pair: € xxx - sold

Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland

2 dutch art nouveau ceramic vases

with a hexagonal form, light weighted, porcelain like ceramic with shiny glaze over handpainted decor, known as: glimmend wit plateel and Gouda Plateel

made circa 1910 by the Dutch ceramics factory:

Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland in Gouda, Holland

the undecorated model was aquired from the ceramic factory Rozenburg, Den Haag, The Hague

marked and painted by: F.D. for Frederica Charlotte Delchambre (Gouda born 1878

signed with the Gouda factory marks, artist monogram and modelnumber: 5010/245

height: 33,4 cm / ca. 13.1 inch

condition: no cracks, no restoration, both with a few old chips to the rim of the base, further perfect

price together: € xxxx - sold



Gouda Plateel




2 stained glass, leaded windows, made circa 1910, at

Atelier voor Gebrandschilderd Glas 't Prinsenhof Delft

in art nouveau design, by:

Jan Schouten (1852-1937)

J.S. Schouten / Johannes Lourens Schouten

messurements with wooden frame: 83 x 28,5 cm, price € xxx - sold

both windows with studio and designers mark


an authentic jugendstil bronze statue on a marble base

depicting the erotic dance of Salomé

signed in the bronze with: Artur Hoffmann (1874-1960, Germany)

executed circa 1910, height: 25,5 cm.

price: € XXXX - sold


an expressive sculpted, Vienna bronze, depicting an

eagle with wide spreaded wings, executed circa 1900-1920 by:

Franz Xaver Bergmann (1861-1936) Austria

bronze with vived and clear cold painted coloring, marked with 3 marks: Austria - the B in a urn shaped cartouche - KB in a diamond

width: 23,5 cm / 9.3 inch

condition: very good - some minor wear to the cold paint on the wing tips, not disturbing - no damages, no restorations, no missing parts

price: € xxx - sold


extremely rare, original from the Dutch art nouveau period, known as: Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst

3 bronze, door or push dandles

made circa 1910, for interior use in a building in Amsterdam

formed as stylized female angels, wearing long gowns, their wings folded back, pointing towards the plate they are

not signed, but we must attribute them to one of the most famous Dutch art nouveau artists of that time:

H.A. van den Eijnde (1869-1939)

there are scetches by him of a quite similar, stylized female angel, wings bent backwards, but much more leaning forwards and with long hair

height: ca. 19 cm / ca. 7.5 inch - price: € XXXX - sold



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